Make Your Car Look New Again

We offer auto polishing services in Hayden, ID

After just one year of owning your car, you might notice scratches and scuffs in your paint. D&M Auto Salon is here to make your vehicle look like new again. We provide auto polishing services at our shop in Hayden, ID. You can rely on us to buff out the blemishes and make your car shine again.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our professional auto polishing treatments in Hayden, ID.



/ starting price

  • 1-step paint correction
  • Removal of very light defects
  • Optimal shine
  • Recommended for cars with very light signs of use or new cars
large SUV/truck from +$100



/ starting price

  • 2-step polishing
  • Removal of light to medium deep defects
  • Removal of oxidation, smudges, holograms,...
  • Recommended for vehicles with typical signs of use, also the most popular treatment for most vehicles
large SUV/truck from +$100


Consult for price

/ Consult for price

  • Multi-step polishing/wet sanding
  • Removal of medium to deep defects
  • Removal of oxidation, swirls, deep scratches, and heavy defects
  • Recommended for vehicles with a lot of signs of use


Every paint correction is finished with a high-quality wax as standard to protect the paintwork. If you are interested in having your car polished and then protected with a coating, be sure to take a look at our ceramic coating treatments. These treatments are offered as package prices and also include a paint correction.


Dull headlights can be restored to their original brightness through sanding and polishing techniques. The polishing of headlights is also suitable if your car was rejected during the technical inspection due to an unclear light image.


(*) The above prices apply to the average sedan. Larger vehicles such as larger station wagons, SUV's, and trucks are always at extra cost. All prices are based on the average pollution and the condition of the vehicle. Each car in itself is unique and needs a different approach or longer time. For the most correct price, it is best to contact us for an appointment.